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3 Ways to Show Up This Year

By Wendy Kelley | November 23, 2020

I’ve been thinking we all could use more of a personal touch this holiday season. With the necessary isolation that has interrupted a lot of our normal rhythms this year, it seems like we need more than ever to know that the people in our lives actually care. When it comes to business communications, what…

Election Recovery: 3 Things To Do

By Wendy Kelley | November 3, 2020

Here in the US, it’s voting day. But no. This is not a last-ditch effort on my part to encourage you to vote one way or another. I’m thinking about how we need to greet tomorrow. It really seems like this election season has been somehow even more exhausting than usual. True, high-stress times and…

Tell The Story

By Wendy Kelley | October 27, 2020

Have you ever noticed how hearing the story behind a name tells you so much more than the name on its own? It’s not quite what Shakespeare meant when he said “what’s in a name?” Still, there’s nothing like a story to inspire us. It can be silly things, like the name of a wine…

The $500 Hairdryer

By Wendy Kelley | October 7, 2020

My friend Mandy told me about this super amazing hairdryer. (Hang in there guys…this isn’t a girly post, I promise.) See, Mandy told me all about it because she loves this hairdryer and loves the way it makes her (and her hair) look and feel! And, who doesn’t want to feel amazing, right? My friend…

Is it right to ask for help?

By Wendy Kelley | September 1, 2020

It almost seems wrong to reach out for help, when so many people are in need. For families like mine, not devastated by the pandemic, or bereaved by the loss of family members to COVID, we certainly have more to be grateful for than can be adequately expressed. And yet even in this world full…

A quick favor for you

By Wendy Kelley | October 4, 2019

I’ve been trying to develop a new habit…it’s something my coach calls a 5-Minute Favor. It’s a way of getting to know people and supporting one another in a way that still fits into busy life. Have you every heard of the 5-Minute Favor? Here is how it works… Sometimes I’ll write a LinkedIn recommendation,…

3 Keys for Partnering Busy People

By Wendy Kelley | August 9, 2019

If we’re going to succeed, we need to partner. And to partner with the best, we need to learn how to partner with busy people. After all, it’s often those “busy people” who are getting things done, are highly connected, or well-resourced to help us succeed. Why Busy People are Busy When thinking about partnering with…

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