Tell The Story

Have you ever noticed how hearing the story behind a name tells you so much more than the name on its own? It’s not quite what Shakespeare meant when he said “what’s in a name?” Still, there’s nothing like a story to inspire us.

It can be silly things, like the name of a wine you drink. For example “the Middle Jane” wine I enjoy by Scout & Cellar has a name I never understood until I heard the whole story. Turns out the wine was named for a rather spectacular “Jane” who lived so fiercely, her descendants keep her spirit alive by choosing Jane as the middle name for each baby girl born in the family. Middle name Jane. A Middle Jane.

I’ll admit, I got goosebumps thinking about a matriarch who lived such a meaningful life that not just one family member wanted to claim her name for a child…but all the baby girls are given the gift of that legacy. I haven’t looked at that wine bottle the same since. Sure it tasted delicious before. But now it inspires me too.

Whether you’re in a business where you’re selling something, or serving people, or educating in some capacity; try to take opportunities to tell the story behind what you’re doing. Whether you’re honoring a team member who came up with a brilliant process, or making people laugh with the trial-and-error that helped you arrive at an awesome finished product, you can help them connect and enjoy working with you more if you tell the story.

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