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I’m a Wine Geek


Yeah, it’s official. I don’t just enjoy the taste of a delicious wine, I love learning about different vintages, understanding the process of growing and creating a beautiful wine, and lots of nerdy facts that go along with it.


Over the years I went from a curious sipper to a true student, and have completed two levels of certification with the Wine & Spirit Education Trust


You could say wine is my professional hobby. Though my official job is as a full time REALTOR® in the greater Nashville area, I also am certified wine consultant with Scout & Cellar. So if you need something delicious, and Clean-Crafted™, I can help you stock your cellar.


Occasionally friends and I will host a wine tasting, or partner up for a shared networking event. If you’d like to be invited, or to connect with me for creative networking opportunities, I’d love to hear from you!


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Free Wine Education

...just for Fun

Because wine is so fun to me, I've been letting my curiosity run wild, learning what I can, and enjoying the whole exploration process. If you're curious to learn some fun wine trivia, tips for enjoying wine and feeling well, I'd love to share the things I've picked up along the way!

Since I'm a busy, working mom I've collected easily digestible "lessons" on wine, and made it so that you can get them in your inbox every few weeks. They're short and fun and can be enjoyed in less than the time it takes to enjoy a glass of wine.

Just sign up in the form here and I'll send them to you. I'd love to have you come along for my fun wine exploration!

Some Wine Class Topics:

  • Wine Additives + Labeling Issues
  • Sulfites + Tannins
  • Serving and Storing Wine for Best Taste
  • ...and more!
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