Gifts That Suit The Crazy Year We’ve All Had

I don’t always feel creative, but this year I’ve been brainstorming some exciting, experience-style gifts for the people I love. Yeah we always want to find the perfect gift, but after the crazy year that everyone has had I think we might be needing something a bit different.

Here’s what I’ve got so far in case you could use inspiration. If you’ve got ideas to add, leave me a comment so the ideas grow!

First off I figure everyone can use some stress relief. But let’s not be boring about it okay?

Give Stress Relief:

While the gift of a massage might have been the classic go-to for stress relief gifts, a new generation of stress relief options seem to be popping up everywhere. Now we can give time in a Float Tank, laugh and sweat at Goat Yoga, or let people break things in a Rage Room (Check out one in Memphis), or paint things at a Graffiti Park (like this cool one in Waverly), or eat and throw axes (while yelling loudly if you’re me) and find the stress leaving your body on a laugh.

Graffiti Park: The Walls Art Park, Waverly, TN

So Quick Recap of Relaxation Gifts:

  1. Massage
  2. Float Time
  3. Goat Yoga
  4. Rage Room
  5. Graffiti Date
  6. Throw Axes

Giving to Partners & Spouses

Sometimes it’s not just about giving a gift to other people. I realized something important on this side of quarantine and resuming life: quarantine time did not equal quality time. Even though many of us ended up being more together this past year, all of our intimate relationships could really use a fresh experience of quality down time together.

If gadgets and gifts aren’t quite what we need, getting away or carving special time with our partners in life might be. Whether it’s playing checkers by the fireplace while eating breakfast at a Cracker Barrel, or running away to a Tiny House like my husband and I are doing next week; making the effort to be together on purpose can be the bigger gift for those closest to us. 

Subscriptions & Goodies

Of course for me personally, I think the best gift someone could give would be a Wine Subscription. Something you don’t have to make reservations, leave the house, or deal with anyone’s craziness. You don’t even have to wear pants. Lots of things seem to be available in subscriptions these days, so if you’re reading this and want to add something to my list beside Wine Club, just add it to the comments!

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